Books written by Yair Margalit:


Winery Technology & Operations: A Handbook for Small Wineries (1990)

A practical book for semi-professional, small wineries. This was the first book in the series. It was very popular for many years and was known in the trade as ‘the red book’ until its publication ceased when the next book was published.


Concepts in Wine Technology (2004 / 2012)

A book for professionals, which describes the technology of modern winemaking. It is an advanced, new version of the first book. It contains all the procedures of wine production for the winemaker having a background in basic sciences. This book is a practical companion to the next one, which was the theoretical and comprehensive book published few years earlier.


Concepts in Wine Chemistry (1997 /2004 / 2012)

An extended book which is most practical to students in wine studies and fermentation sciences. Also, it is intended to be a theoretical textbook for wineries during wine production. It was written after a long analysis of the most updated research published in the professional literature in recent years. It summarizes and describes most of the processes involved in wine production, from the raw material components (grapes), through their biochemical transformation to wine until bottling and after, in the bottle.