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The Vineyards

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The Vineyards:

The winery owns two vineyards: Kadita Vineyard in the upper Galilee Mountains, close to the Biblical Kadita, and is planted with Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, and a very small lot with Petite-Sirah. The second vineyard is Binyamina Vineyard, located near the village of Binyamina, and is planted with Cabernet-Franc grapes.
Although Israel is dry in summer, with no rainfall at all, we choose to rely only on the winter rains and not to irrigate the vineyard at all. In order to do so, we irrigated the young vines during the first two years of growth and then gradually reduced the water quantity to force the vines to dig its roots deep down, to look for water resources in the ground. After several years, the vines are able to grow and to produce excellent grapes relying only on the winter rainfall.
We maintain only organic fertilization in the vineyard once in every few year, just before winter rains. We use anti-fungicides and biological anti-insecticides to keep the vineyard clean from specific harmful factors. The grapes are harvested when they reach full maturity according to our specification of ripeness. Harvesting is done by hand, in small buckets, in order to ensure the perfection of the grape clusters until they reach the winery.

  Kadita Vineyard

Kadita vineyard

  Binyamina Vineyard

Binyamina vineyard

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