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Binyamina vineyard

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Binyamina vineyard is located near the village of Binyamina, and is planted with Cabernet-Franc grapes. The trellis system here is also a simple two arms cordon, but the vines are planted in a denser frame, 2.2 meters between the rows, and 1.2 meter between each vine in the row. The soil in this vineyard is sandy terra-rossa, and we also do not irrigate it at all, although the summer temperatures are higher then the upper Galilee temperatures. Here too, we practice only organic fertilization once every few years and keep the same vine protection policy as in the first vineyard. The grapes are harvested when they reach full maturity according to our specification of ripeness. Harvesting is done by hand, in small buckets, in order to ensure the perfection of the grape clusters until they reach the winery. The Cabernet-Franc  is harvested usually at the mid of August. The grape yield in our vineyards is about 35 hl/ha, namely, on the average of about 2 bottles of red wine per vine.

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