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Wine Making

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The grapes are hand picked and brought to the winery in small buckets. After crushing and destemming, the grape juice is then inoculated with our choice of yeast to start the fermentation in stainless steel tanks. During fermentation the wine is pumped-over the skin cap to maintain wine/skin contact to maximize extraction of color and tannins from the skin. When fermentation is over, we continue the maceration of the new wine with the skins for a further 1 – 2 weeks, in order to reach the desired color and tannin balance. Including fermentation it takes 14 - 20 days.
We do not use a press in our production, only the free-run wine. After two rackings, the wine is ready to start its maturation in oak barrels, where malo-lactic fermentation is encouraged. Usually it happens during the following spring when the cellar temperature gets warmer. The small oak barrels are 95% French and 5% American, from the Sequin-Moreau Company in the region of Cognac. Every year we renew a third of our barrels stock with new ones. We keep the barrels full with wine by topping twice a month until we decide that the wine has aged enough in the barrels (usually 12 months) and ready to be bottled. We do not fine our wines with protein, yet despite their intensity, they are not tannic or astringent on the palate even in their youth. Before bottling we coarse-filter the wine and blend together all the barrels for the final assemblage of each variety. After bottling the wine is ready to be sold and to continue its life in the customer's cellars until they decide to enjoy it.
Four varietals wines are produced. Each variety is blended with small quantities of other varieties according to our best blending decisions. The varietal wines are:
Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet-Franc with a touch of green spiciness, and Cabernet-Sauvignon Special Reserve a blend of 85% Cabernet-Sauvignon and 15% Petite-Sirah. We also produce the Enigma, a blended wine of all three Bordeaux varieties.
Margalit wines are characterized as dark, rich, full bodied and intensive wines, with forest berries, cigar-box nose. After some years of aging, the nose changes to a fresh strawberry/raspberry aroma. They are very enjoyable to drink young, and yet age beautifully.
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