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Yair Margalit – The Wine Professor Yair Margalit – The Wine Professor
Dr. Yair Margalit has been a constant and reassuring figure of the Israeli wine scene during the last 20 + years. He has consistently produced some of Israel’s most well-regarded wines, was the consultant to many new start-up wineries and has also always been involved in wine education, whether lecturing or writing books.
Wines Israel, September 2008
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Margalit Winery, Ceasarea, Israel
Margalit Winery, from the Ceasarea region on Israel's Mediterranean coast, midway between Tel Aviv and Haifa, is a family-run operation specializing in red Bordeaux blends. I had the pleasure of tasting three of these “boutique” wines under the watchful eye of Asaf Margalit, who runs the winery with his father, UC Davis-educated Yair Margalit. After a technical education in Israel, Asaf worked for Jekel Vineyards in California, a distinction I note since I review much of Jekel's output. The winery owns two vineyards: a cool-climate spread in Upper Galilee planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and some Petite Syrah, and a hotter climate property closer to home planted with Cabernet Franc.
Elliot Essman's Wine Pages, March 2009
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Lunch With Yair Margalit + 1 Tasting Note
Considering that most of the wines from the recent 2008 harvest have completed their malolactic fermentation and that many are now getting ready to bottle their 2006 and 2007 wines, I am at that "fringe moment" just before starting my major rounds of winery visits within Israel. And, as seems to happen every year, just before that seems to be my time for coffee and lunch meetings with winemakers. Today (Thursday, 20 November 2008), it was my pleasure to lunch with Ya'ir Margalit.
WineLovers Discussion Group - Daniel Rogov, November 2008
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Margalit 2007: The Tasting Notes
Today's at-home tasting was a pot-pourri of reds from the 2007 vintage, nearly half of which Israeli and those either varietal wines or blends from Cabernet Sauvigjnon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes. I knew that the newly released Margalit wines were to be set on my tasting table this week, and today, it seems was the day. Interestingly enough, as I got to each of the Margalit wines I recognized them immediately, for whatever it is that Margalit Pere et Fils (that is to say, Yair and Asaf) are doing, they are certainly doing it right and their joint signature is always apparent. I had tasted all but one of these wines while still in barrels. Following are my fully updated tasting notes.
WineLovers Discussion Group - Daniel Rogov, March 2009
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Margalit Winery (Israel)
If there's someone who can be credited for starting the boutique winery movement, that's Yair Margalit. This scientist-trained, turned-winemaker/wine-lover created his winery in 1989, well before the other independant small wineries which sprouted all over Israel in the early 2000s'. We must remember that until the mid to late 1980s', Israel's wine landscape was quite uninteresting, there was basically only mass bottlers like Carmel around and virtually no small player or independant wineries set up by passionate individuals like the ones that came later.
WineTerroirs.com - Bertrand Celce blog,
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